About Us

PureGold.Sg Made in Singapore

PureGold.Sg was established in 2010 as an e-commerce store selling value-added gold and silver medallions and bars. What made us different is that we have a uniquely Singaporean design on our bullions. We emboss Singapore’s iconic images on our gold and silver bullions as premium gift products. It is our concept of A City In Gold, where we want people from far away to discover Singapore through our premium gifts.

So far, we are proud to acknowledge that our gifts have been well received by locals as well as tourists. This has caught the attention of some of the top tourist attraction establishments in Singapore. Today we provide bespoke medallions and bars for them.

We believe that our business is also maintained by our observance of a high level of integrity in all our dealings. All our premium gift medallions and bars are assayed either by Singapore Assay Office (SAO) or Gold Silver Refinery (GS) to ensure content purity. To us, this is the best way of assuring our customers that they are getting the best from us and nothing less.

We are constantly striving to produce high quality and uniquely Singaporean gold and silver bullions as premium gifts. We want to be the leading hub of the creative premium gifts of precious metal medallions and bars.


PureGold.sg aspires to be the leading hub of creative quality premium gift medallions and bars that are made in Singapore.


PureGold.sg will continuously strive to inspire the world through unique value-added premium gift products with an emphasis on quality and integrity.